Weaton Precious Metals International

“This is so much different than any other cruises I have been on in the Cayman Islands….Blue Water Events is an amazing company and I would highly recommend to anybody who’s thinking of having a group event hosted on a boat; this is the way to do it.”

Andre Budylin, Director

Appleby Global

“It was amazing…great for team building, it was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it.”

Simon Raftopoulos, Partner

Appleby Global

“…we had a good time!”

Anya Martin, Associate

Appleby Global

“The food has been amazing, the atmosphere has been fantastic…and we’ve had a wonderful evening.”

Paul Kennedy, Counsel

Appleby Global

“The Chilean Taste Bud Experience was absolutely something else…”

Adam Johson, Counsel

Cayman International School

“…being able to have a really unique experience, it’s just absolutely a magical trip…”

Jeremy Moore, Director

Cayman Islands Cabinet Office

“This is a great opportunity to do team building and I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to move forward.”

Jamaal Anderson, International Affairs Analyst

Moore Stephens Cayman & MHA Cayman

“In times when you really want to treat your employees to something…why not treat them to an experience that turns into a treasured memory?”

Candice Czeremuszkin, Parter

Strategic Risk Solutions (Cayman) LTD.

“We had an amazing time…Good for team building, good for bonding, great corporate experience.”

Jenny Pooley, Director

Apex Fund Services (Cayman) LTD.

“…it’s great for team building for staff…we are certainly going to bring our clients here…Blue Water Events handles everything for you.”

Rayal Bodden, Director