Progressive Dinner Party Experience

Why not turn traditional dining on its head? Instead of having your appetizer, salad, main, and dessert all at one restaurant, why not have it at four! Our Progressive Dinner Party Experience involves the consumption of each course at a different location, making it a traveling progression to each of the four restaurants. (Extra bonus–longer times between courses means you can eat more!)

The Progressive Dinner Party is the perfect recipe to spice up the traditional business, wedding rehearsal, or birthday party dinners. Your clients meet and mingle on their first conference night, or each side of the couple’s family get to know each other while cruising towards our first stop of appetizers.

During the Experience, our team expertly orchestrates icebreakers to start the evening off right with an energetic game for the entire group. For successful icebreakers to happen, the Blue Water Events team works with you ahead of time to tailor each activity to meet your goals of networking or a milestone celebration.

Then, it’s fast-paced fun, as you share a different table with different people for each course. Each course at the new location features a table top game or exercise for everyone to do together. It’s all carefully designed to encourage interaction, teamwork and merriment, while getting to try food and drink at four different restaurants. How cool is that!?


  • Four courses including appetizer, salad, main, and dessert at 4 different restaurants
  • Wine, craft beer, or cocktail pairings–up to you