Glow Golf Experience

Works great on land too!

What do water, floating targets, and glow balls have in common? Blue Water Events brings you a unique twist on golf!

Amp up your client meetings, stag party, or celebrate a special occasion with a game of golf on the water. Play individually or as a team to gather as many points on the tablet scorecard by hitting any of the three 12 foot interactive targets with our glow in the dark golf balls. When you hit that great shot everyone will know it because the entire floating bull’s eye pulses and flashes with light.

Our one of a kind Glow Golf Experience is the first ocean-based target golfing in the world, and will be sure to have your guests sharing pictures and videos on social media!

From the dock, beach, or boat, this Experience will be a guaranteed hole in one with your guests!


  • Golf clubs, glow balls, and target set-up
  • 19th Hole welcome drinks
  • Small bites provided by a local gourmet chef