Geo-Loco Experience

Works great on land too!


Geo-Loco is high-tech, fully interactive, treasure hunt using tablets loaded with real-time GPS tracker technology. Geo-Loco is perfect for corporate team building, stag and hen parties, birthday, anniversary parties, or as an activity planned after a long day of conference sessions.

The game of Geo-Loco is based on the age-old treasure hunt tradition of teams problem solving a set of cryptic clues. A clue might be a riddle, puzzle, wordplay, or they can involve music or video. Teams will be racing against the clock in effort to be the first team to solve the clue which then unlocks the location of the next clue. The team that unlocked the clue fastest, shouts to the captain, “CAPTAIN, GEO-LOCO FULL STEAM AHEAD!”

Each team’s immediate goal is to get as many points as possible by being the first to unlock the cryptic clues. The excitement builds to a crescendo at the last Geo-Loco hotspot as all teams join forces to solve the final riddle to unlock the Geo-Loco treasure (the site of the final party!)
The Geo-Loco treasure hunt creates necessary collaborative team building. This shared goal experience mimics a successful workplace dynamic where smaller teams must first accomplish their tasks before the entire company can realize its goal.

Your Blue Water Events team member will be on hand to coordinate the event to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish! Choose an existing theme: Spy Mission, Pirate Ahoy, 80’s Retro, Sports 4All, Magic Spells, Halloween, or Christmas themed cryptic clues. Or, there’s plenty of room for customization with this event to meet your company’s goals, while wrapping it all up in your brand identity to make this the most personalized event you have ever been on!

Will your team have what it takes to find the treasure?


  • Carefully curated gourmet small bites and cocktails to coordinate with the theme of the cryptic clues
  • Tablets with the preloaded Geo-Loco app
  • Geo-Loco customized game swag
  • Plenty of hilarious professional photos uploaded with the link shared for your viewing or downloadable pleasure