The Power of the Blue Mind

What is the “Blue Mind”?

As researcher and discover of the “blue mind” theory, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols puts it: “the term “blue mind” describes the mildly meditative state we fall into when near, in, on or under water.” [Source: ‘Blue Mind’: Why being near the water makes you happy – USA Today]

Water and it’s blue mind effect is the antidote to what we refer to as the red mind, which is the anxious, over-connected and over-stimulated state that defines the new normal of modern life. [Source: ‘Blue Mind’: Why being near the water makes you happy – USA Today]

Research has proven that spending time near the water is essential to achieving an elevated and sustained happiness.

Those of us who love to spend time in Cayman’s beautiful water can attest to the water’s power to inspire relaxation and promote personal rejuvenation.

And it’s no wonder that so many hotels and resorts are situated on the water, as travelers often pay a premium just to hear the sea!

The Power of the Blue Mind

How Does Water Affect the Brain?

When we step away from our high-stressed lives and step into nature, we experience a shift.

Nichols explained this shift from a scientific perspective:

“Physiologically, our brains and bodies change. Water makes us relax, and the quality of our thought changes; a different brain network activates. That brain network is available for a completely different kind of quality of thought which is much more introspective and self-referential. Oftentimes it leads to feelings of connectedness and that can lead to innovative thoughts.” [Source:‘Blue Mind’ explores the calming effect that water has on people by Eric Niiler Washington Post]

“We’ve found that being near water boosts creativity, can enhance the quality of conversations and provides a backdrop to important parts of living — like play, romance, and grieving,” explains Nichols. [Source: ‘Blue Mind’: Why being near the water makes you happy – USA Today]

The Power of the Blue Mind Big Fun Chilean

Why We Chose Water?

With our aim to create experiences that satisfy the mind, body and soul, it seemed the perfect fit to host incredible blue mind-inspired events out on the water; and with that Blue Water Events was born!

Each experience at Blue Water Events seeks to maximize Nichols blue mind theory – that being on or in a body of water promotes happiness, boosts creativity, can enhance the quality of conversations, restore our ability to focus, and perform cognitive and creative tasks with greater ease – all incredible outcomes we’d create for you from one of our events.

The Power of the Blue Mind Big Fun Happy Couple

How Our Experiences Can Help You

Utilizing the science behind this research, our experiences make for the perfect client or team event. Our guests can take part in a series of lighthearted experiences to reinforce both their learning and blue mind state whilst out on the water.

The Blue Water Events team is passionate about creating, organizing, and managing unforgettable experiences with flawless execution.

These blue mind-inspired experiences will help to increase positive relationships amongst staff and clients alike which in turn creates increased work satisfaction and productivity within the company.

Experiences like floating Glow Golf competitions, Geo-Loco GPS treasure hunts, Taste Bud Adventures, Poker Runs, Fancy Dress Parties, or Luxury Home Tours are just some of the memorable experiences we can create for you.

Boating just makes everything better, and now it’s scientifically proven!

For more information about pricing and availability please email or call 345 916-8244.

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